Editor, Vikas!

Quote for Vikas page - Kulbir Singh
Quote for Vikas page - Kulbir Singh

Today I am thrilled to note that our college, Government College Chandigarh, where I did my Prep (Pre-University – Grade 11) and Pre-Engineering (Grade 12) has a website!

Here it is:  http://www.gc11.ac.in

I’m also fascinated to find that there is a page for Writers. Back in 1983 – 84 – 85, I was the sub-editor of the Punjabi section of our college magazine, Vikas. I don’t find the reference of the word “Vikas” here. Possibly the name of the college magazine has changed.

It was a big honor to be managing a part of the college magazine and back in those years, it was so so special to do it.