Chapter 974 Flies Young Eagles Build and Fly RC Model!

By Robert Dombek, EAA 351112

Our Young Eagles RC Build and Fly crew, Camden, Milo, and Myan, got a chance to spread their wings. On November 6, dads Greg, Joe, and I caravanned to the Cincinnati Silent Flyers flying field. Using two transmitters linked via a buddy box system, each Young Eagle put in one training flight apiece. On November 20 we got lucky with another decent flying day. Milo and Myan put in three training flights each. By the end of the day, I developed a callus on my index finger from holding the training button down. That was because the guys were getting so good I didn’t need to rescue them. They made real progress and I was proud of them! We’ll keep our eyes peeled for another good day, but this time of year they are few and far between. Congratulations to our Young Eagles!

Photos by Greg Koedel

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