My Young Eagles Flight

By Adriella, age 12

The ground. You can do so many fun things on the ground like biking, skiing, and running, but what you can’t do is fly. Flying we do in the air thanks to airplanes and helicopters. I first fell in love with flying in the third grade when I read about Amelia Earhart. She inspired me so much that I was determined to become an airplane pilot. Each time when I go on vacation and get to fly, I am mostly just staring out the window in wonder. I love soaring above the clouds and seeing how small the houses look from so high up! Recently, I was able to go on a Young Eagles flight with one of my good friends, Morgan. It was her first time flying and almost the entire time she was staring out the window with wide eyes and a smile. I would give anything to go again, even for a short period of time, because whenever I go on a flight I feel on top of the world and like anything is possible. That is such an amazing feeling. Flying in an airplane is just one step for me — next I would like to travel to space!

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