Airythmia’s First AirVenture

Paramotor team Airythmia performed for the very first time together during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021’s Twilight Flight Fest. This group of six individuals from around the United States had never performed at an air show together before, so the weeks leading up to AirVenture contained a lot of hard work.

“The team worked really hard for several weeks before the show,” said Airythmia member Kyle Mooney, EAA 668420. “There was a lot of background stuff that went on in order to get a show of that caliber to a stage. Everyone did awesome.”

The audience seemed to agree with that statement.

“The audience feedback was great,” Kyle said. “It’s really cool when there’s certain things that the audience prefers… The audience loved it. It was really cool to have the crowd there… and to see the crowd interaction from the younger kids.”

While some members of Airythmia had been to AirVenture before, this was a brand-new experience for others.

“For at least one of our team members, it was her first time ever going to Oshkosh,” Kyle said. “She thought it was just an air show, she didn’t really know at first.”

Now that AirVenture is over, Airythmia has some plans for the future.

“The next time we have a performance, we definitely want to mix it up and add more things to it to bring in even a larger crowd or get that great crowd reaction that we like,” Kyle said. “After going to Oshkosh … and other airshows, we like Oshkosh. We have our Oshkosh family and our close friends are there. We don’t want to be that team that does 30 different air shows. We want to stay as exclusive as possible. That’s kind of what we’re thinking about, we just want to be able to showcase this sport to everybody.”

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