Honoring EAA’s Founder

Dr. Robert Wubben, EAA Lifetime 272315, has attended EAA’s annual fly-in convention every year since the 1980s and has been volunteering his expertise at the medical services facility located near the control tower since 2008.

Along with treating a variety of minor ailments to AirVenture Oshkosh visitors during the week, Robert is also a prolific photographer — taking photos of his fellow volunteers, along with hundreds of airplanes around the grounds. Using the thousands of photos he’s taken over the years, Robert recently used a computer program to create a beautiful mosaic of EAA founder Paul Poberezny that he’s planning on framing and hanging at the medical services site during the week of AirVenture.

“I’ve always appreciated that mosaic-type picture because it gives you something interesting to see from a distance and then it’s something even more interesting to see close up,” he said. “I experimented with several programs that are downloadable and I found one that I could modify and use for that purpose.”

Robert initially experimented with the program to create a mosaic of the Brown Arch before deciding to focus on Paul for his next piece.

“I’ve been doing [a mosaic] every year for seven years,” he said. “I take a picture of the Brown Arch at the start of the convention. … I use that as the master picture. I’ve been taking pictures with various cameras over the years of the medical volunteers, I think every single one of them is in there since 2007 or 2008. Over the years I’ve tried to take pictures of every single yellow aircraft. I’ve been updating it every year and every year it gets a little clearer.”

About 90 percent of the photos in the mosaic are photos that Robert took himself, with a few of the photos taken by his son and a couple of other volunteers.

If you find yourself at the medical services site during AirVenture (hopefully it’s nothing too serious), make sure to check out Robert’s tribute to EAA, Paul, and his fellow medical volunteers!

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