Ray Aviation Scholar Beck Youngberg Volunteers Lettering the Young Eagles Workshops Trunk

By Ron Reinartz, EAA Chapter 501 Ray Aviation Scholarship Coordinator, EAA Lifetime 298952

Beck Youngberg, EAA 1389108 and the 2021 Ray Aviation Scholarship awardee of EAA Chapter 501 in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, is doing his part. He volunteered to place the letters on the trunk used to store the materials and equipment that the chapter is amassing to conduct a Young Eagles Workshop this fall.

In the attached photos, you’ll see Beck working on the trunk in the conference room of Aero Safety Training, where he is taking his flight instruction. This was a first for Beck and he did a great job with a little coaching from Chapter 501’s coordinator, Ron Reinartz. The photos show the blank trunk, progress, and the finished product!!!

The weather was sunny, but the winds were gusting in excess of 25 knots — maybe not a great day to fly, but a great day to volunteer. This project took a little over an hour and will really assist in identifying where all the jigs, kits, tools, and support materials will be stored until they are needed.

Everyone at Chapter 501 benefits from Beck’s efforts and he really enjoys being around the airport and all things aviation. Keep up the good work, Beck!

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