Red Deer Forestry Strip Fly-Out

By Jeff Seaborn, EAA 793688, Chair, EAA Canadian Council

Our chapter arranged a casual fly-out this past weekend. The plan was to fly to Red Deer Forestry Strip, CFR7, for a bring-your-own-picnic lunch. CFR7 is a remote grass strip east of Sundre, at the foot of the Rockies.

The airfield is 2,875-feet long with an elevation of 4,646 feet. For you flatlanders out there that elevation is likely higher than you cruise.

Unfortunately only two of us from the chapter showed up but there were a few other pilots who frequent the field with their backcountry bushplanes. My DR-107 One Design was certainly an unexpected arrival.

View of the Rockies through my “bent propeller” – love digital photos

I didn’t take any pictures once there but one of the people on the ground took some phenomenal shots of my airplane and posted them. A buddy of mine saw them and forwarded them on to me.

Rockies off my left wing

The cockpit pictures are my attempt with a cell phone. The three others were by a talented photographer with an SLR and a massive telephoto lens.

Approach with a nice cumulus backdrop
Look mom, I caught a windsock
Where else but the Rockies would you get this shot?

I hope everyone is getting out and getting similar, enjoyable flights.

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