Throwback Thursday

By Chris Moran, EAA 726984

Every year after I return from AirVenture I try to get to a small but very interesting aviation event called the Gathering of the Classics held each year in mid-August at Edenvale Airdrome (CNV8) just an hour or so northwest of Toronto. The event, which I called small, only seems small to me because I have just returned from Oshkosh, which would make most events seem small by comparison. It is hosted by the Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation.

Since “the gathering” fell victim to the pandemic as did most everything else in 2020, I thought I would share some pictures from a past event, just to get everyone looking forward to next year, as if you weren’t already.

Beautiful de Havilland Fox Moth.

One of the best parts of this event is the combination of classic cars and airplanes. I am not a car guy but I always admire how much hard work classic car owners put into the care and restoration of their vehicles.

Circa 1923 Rolls-Royce 20-hp Open Drive Limousine.

There are also usually rides available, often in a vintage Harvard trainer or helicopter.

Harvard hopping rides.
Robinson R44.

Edenvale Classic Aircraft is home to several vintage airplanes that you can actually purchase a ride in. They have a Fleet Canuck, a de Havilland Tiger Moth, and a Fairchild Cornell. I had an opportunity to fly in the Tiger Moth and it was like going back in time, call me corny but you could almost feel the presence of the pilots who learned to fly it before and during WWII.  

Ramp showing Fleet Canuck foreground, Tiger Moth, and a tank.

In past years the Canadian Warplane Heritage Foundation has arrived with the B-25 Mitchell bomber or a DC-3, among others.

Ramp showing some of the Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles sitting behind the aircraft.
Beautiful gullwing Stinson aptly named Big Red.

Edenvale is also now the home of the Avro Arrow replica. The airport owner purchased the inventory of the museum in Downsview when its facility was turned into ice hockey rinks or something. The replica is now safely preserved in its own hangar. It may only be a replica but it still inspires feelings of pride, and anger over its foolish cancellation.

Arrow Replica.

Let’s hope that shortly COVID is a thing of the past so we can get back to our favourite aviation events in 2021, like this one and AirVenture.

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