Numerous Ray Scholars Celebrate First Solo

With flying season finally in full swing for most of the country, the Ray Aviation Scholarship program is celebrating a number of first solos this week! 

Piper Bailey, EAA 1309688 of EAA Chapter 93, and Alexxander Strickland, EAA 1165266 of EAA Chapter 1254 soloed on June 3. When asked if he was nervous before the flight, Alexxander said, “A little, but I knew I had it!” 

Kyra Becker, EAA 1313802 of EAA Chapter 613 also soloed on June 3. “Soloing for me did not make me nervous,” she said. “I felt very prepared and excited to have the freedom to fly on my own. It was a feeling of excitement that I will remember for the rest of my life, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity … EAA Chapter 613 has given me with the Ray Scholarship!” Kyra’s goal is to complete her training by the end of this summer. 

Both Alexxander and Kyra were awarded their Ray Scholarship less than a month ago, but have been training multiple times a week to reach this milestone so quickly. 

Other recent first solos for Ray scholars include Max Davidson, EAA 1300947, of EAA Chapter 1; Michael Nordvik, EAA 1295135, of EAA Chapter 551; Jeff Boyack, EAA 1215401, of EAA Chapter 932; Jack Gavin, EAA 1235174, of EAA Chapter 1093; and Anders Walter, EAA 1206643, of EAA Chapter 292. 

Twenty-three of the 64 Ray scholars have now completed their first solo, with many more quickly approaching this important aviation milestone.

Pictured above: Piper Bailey, EAA Chapter 93; Alexxander Strickland, EAA Chapter 1254; Kyra Becker, EAA Chapter 613; and Jack Gavin, EAA Chapter 1093

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