Rachel Broom — Graduation Milestone

By Gary Brossett, EAA Lifetime 375866

Young Eagle Rachel Broom, EAA 1128264, graduated from Middle Georgia State University’s School of Aviation, with a degree in aviation science and management. Rachel’s first Young Eagles flight was September 28, 2013, with longtime Young Eagles Flight Leader Kenneth Sines, EAA 453045.

She immediately focused on a career in aviation, and received our chapter scholarship to attend the Advanced Air Academy/Sport Aviation camp in 2015. She served as a ground volunteer at the next 19 local Young Eagles rallies before heading off to college. She’s earned a private pilot certificate and instrument rating and looks to earn her commercial certificate in the next month or two. She’ll continue flight training and hopes to be a working CFI soon.

Have you
reached a milestone recently? Passed a checkride, given your first or hundredth
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