Connor Privitt — Solo and Private Pilot’s Certificate Milestone

to Connor Privitt, EAA Lifetime 1296837, who had his first solo flight on April
19, 2018, and earned his private pilot certificate on September 17!

Connor’s interest in aviation grew with his age. When Connor was a baby, his father would take him flying and show him the world of aviation at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which is where Connor first joined his local EAA chapter.

said his motivation behind taking flight lessons was, “the independence and
responsibility that comes with flying such a complex machine.”

day of his solo flight, he had perfect conditions. He flew a 1974 Bellanca
Citabria 7GCAA.

was completely surprised when my instructor asked if I wanted to go by myself,”
Connor said. “I was never scared or nervous because I’ve been flying for a long

said he planned to cross another milestone off his list during his spring break
this week by taking Patty Wagstaff’s safety confidence course. After watching
her perform at AirVenture many times, Connor said he can’t wait to learn
recovery maneuvers and some aerobatics from Patty.

to the future, Connor said he would like to earn his instrument, commercial,
and multi-engine ratings along with his rotorcraft rating. “I personally want
to keep aviation as one of my hobbies, but I am not closing the door on being a
commercial pilot,” he said.

Have you reached a milestone recently? Passed a checkride, given your first or hundredth Young Eagle flight, flown your homebuilt for the first time? Tell us about it at

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