EAA Celebrates 2018 Halls of Fame Inductees

EAA was proud to honor five new inductees into its Sport Aviation Halls of Fame at a dinner ceremony on November 8, 2018, in the Founders’ Wing of the EAA Aviation Museum. The six inductees, representing ultralights, the International Aerobatic Club, the Vintage Aircraft Association, Warbirds of America, and homebuilders, as well as one director emeritus, have dedicated their lives to their respective areas of aviation and join an esteemed group of individuals who represent the spirit of EAA in the highest form.

This year’s honorees are:

2018 EAA Halls of Fame


David “Gene” Smith, the designer of the Back Yard Flyer, among others, and a businessman with a long track record of supporting the ultralight and light-sport community. Gene was honored posthumously.

International Aerobatic Club

Thomas H. Adams Jr., EAA 77537 and IAC 1999, a retired Navy and airline pilot who has flown in and/or judged at hundreds of competitions over the years.

Vintage Aircraft Association

Ron Alexander, EAA 137890 and VAA 27150, an avid pilot, businessman, and VAA director known as the “quiet giant of aviation,” was honored posthumously.


Darryl Murphy, EAA 293368, the prolific designer and founder of Murphy Aircraft, responsible for popular homebuilts like the Renegade, the Maverick, and the Moose.

Warbirds of America

Jack Roush, EAA 478254 and Warbirds 15186, is legend in the NASCAR world, but we know him better for unwavering support of Merlin-engined warbirds like his prized P-51s.

EAA Director Emeritus

Geoff Robison, EAA Lifetime 268346 and VAA Lifetime 12606, a longtime pilot who is also actively involved in EAA’s air tours, served 12 years as president of VAA.

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