EAA’s The Green Dot – Flying Cowboys: Backcountry Pilots

So, who are the Flying Cowboys? We’ve seen a lot of them lately so this time around,The Green Dot crew hosted Cory Robin, EAA Lifetime 558743, and Trent Palmer, EAA 1211098, of the Flying Cowboys to talk to them about their aviation careers, the group’s mission, the passion for flight that unites members of the group, backcountry flying, and much more.

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We recently met up with a few of the Flying Cowboys in Utah, and did a little flying with them and Draco (although it was cut short due to weather). Check it out!


Check out some of Trent and Cory’s videos:

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Cory Robin, Trent Palmer, Jason Sneed, Scott Palmer, Mike Patey, Kevin Quinn, Steve Henry, Mark Patey, Creighton King

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