Jodie Gawthrop — Private Pilot Milestone

Congratulations to Jodie Gawthrop, EAA 1108302, who passed her private pilot checkride last week. Jodie’s journey started with a special Young Eagles flight from actor Harrison Ford, as she became the 2 millionth Young Eagle during a celebration at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016.

“Being a Young Eagle positively impacted my flight training journey by connecting me with the people and resources to make earning my wings possible, and helped me grow up among general aviation at its finest,” Jodie said. “I’m grateful for EAA and the Young Eagles program’s faith and support throughout the journey, and ultimately hope to give back to the future of flight.”

Jodie said her checkride went smooth and the weather was perfect. Jodie left on a study abroad trip to Australia the day after her checkride, and she has her eyes on a tailwheel endorsement once she returns to the States and her flight training.

“When I became a private pilot, I felt this new sense of independence, as if more doors had been opened,” Jodie said. “It doesn’t feel like the end of a journey, but instead feels like the beginning of a new one with so much more to learn, and I absolutely can’t wait for what the future holds.” 

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