EAA Air Academy Grad Follows in Father’s Footsteps at FBO

Patrick Frye, EAA 1249939, was lucky enough to grow up around aviation. He’s been immersed in it since age 3, so coming to the EAA Air Academy was an exceptional experience for Patrick.

“I loved everything about the Air Academy,” he said. “I met a lot of new friends that I’m still friends with today. They’re actually great friends of mine. I learned about building aircraft because I learned how to build a rib in workshops and everything, and then I was able to learn about different airplanes through the flights that we took.”

Patrick’s father previously ran Southwest Airport Services, an FBO in Houston, Texas, and Patrick says he learned so much from him.

“I actually have been around aviation my entire life,” Patrick said. “My father ran a successful FBO here in Houston. He ran it for about 15 years. He passed away a few years ago, and I actually took over his business after he passed away, because I learned a great deal of knowledge about aviation and the aviation field and how to run a business from him.”

Since taking over in 2014, Patrick said his experience heading up the FBO has been great, especially since he loves what he does, both in terms of being around aviation and being around so many new faces.

“I love aviation,” Patrick said. “I love meeting new people every day that come in with their airplanes and making sure they’re served up to 100 percent and making sure that their experience is great.”

Running an FBO is busy work, even if you love it, but Patrick said he still gets back to Oshkosh whenever he can to enjoy AirVenture. He struggles to pick out his favorite part of being up for the Air Academy, because there are just so many options.

“Everything stood out to me,” Patrick said. “I didn’t have a single point that didn’t stand out to me. I loved everything about it, and I loved my time up there.”

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