Douglas A-20 Havoc – Lone Survivor

Of the more than 7,000 Douglas A-20 Havocs built for U.S. and Allied forces during World War II, just a handful survive, and, as far as we know, only one flies — and it came to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017. The twin-engine light bomber and attack aircraft is part of Rod Lewis’ Lewis Air Legends collection based in San Antonio, Texas.  

Lewis’ Havoc was built in 1943 as an A-20G, is powered by two 1,700-hp Wright R-2600s, armed with seven machine guns, and could carry a bomb load of 4,000 pounds. Restorer Carl Scholl, EAA 184061, of Aero Trader and pilot Stewart Dawson, EAA 187007, share their insights about this remarkable airplane.

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