10 Activities To Celebrate National Aviation Day

Every year since 1939, the U.S. has celebrated National Aviation Day on August 19, Orville Wright’s birthday, as a way to promote the development of aviation and to honor those who helped pioneer aviation in the U.S. and the advancements made since the Wright Brothers’ flight. As EAA members, there are many different aviation-related activities you can do to celebrate this national holiday!

  1. Bookmark your calendar for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018, which is July 23-29.
  2. Go out flying and share a photo in flight and tag #NationalAviationDay and #EAA.
  3. Thank your local EAA chapter for what it’s done to promote aviation in the area or get involved.
  4. Give a Young Eagles flight.
  5. Attend a local fly-in.
  6. Make plans to attend an EAA SportAir Workshop to increase your knowledge of aircraft building or restoration.
  7. Take advantage of your EAA member benefits and schedule a visit to one of more than 300 museums and attractions around the world for free.
  8. Book your flight for the EAA B-17 Aluminum Overcast or the Ford Tri-Motor flight tour!
  9. Get started on earning your pilot’s certificate.
  10. Share The Spirit of Aviation by donating to EAA.

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