The Stories of Those Flying EAA’s B-17 Aluminum Overcast – Col. Richard Bushong

The B-17G has a remarkable story. One filled with daring missions and personal sacrifice. More than just an airplane, the B-17 is living history that holds a remarkable connection to the past and is the most iconic image of World War II. These are stories of those who have or will come aboard EAA’s Aluminum Overcast.

Recently EAA’s B-17 made a stop just outside of Tucson, Arizona, in the town of Marana. While there, we were able to connect with Col. Richard Bushong, who had an amazing career during World War II as a B-17 pilot in the 390th Bomb Group. He flew all of his 25 missions before turning 21, including flying one of the 775 B-17s that struck the first blow on Berlin on March 6, 1944. But his combat experience did not end there. He went on to fly F-4 Phantoms in the skies over Vietnam, and before retiring from the military with 32 years of service, he flew a total of 41 types of military aircraft, including the B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29, and many jet aircraft. He is now a docent at the Pima Air Museum in the 390th Bomb Group building, which houses a restored B-17 named I’ll Be Around.

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