How Do You Become a Pilot?

By Jim Walker, EAA 1002625, Vice President of EAA Chapter 1051, Greenwood, Nova Scotia

Some of us were clever enough to choose unbelievably great parents. Takes a bit of doing but we did it. And we became pilots.

Those parents made sure we learned how to study. They taught us the value of money. ‘Grit’ was one of their favourite ideas. “Work to make your dream happen,” was frequently offered.

Jim Walker gives kids briefing on how to fly a circuit using his airport diagram.

And they gave us wise council on who to hang out with.

13-year-old Tegan Bell wants to be a pilot. He and his family made sure they arrived at the Young Eagles Rally recently in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, to be with seasoned EAA pilots. These people know aviation and how to share with youngsters.

Paul Easson, EAA 485763, with Tegan’s sister Braegha Bell, and Tegan Bell on the right.

EAA members have given free first rides to more than two million youngsters beginning in 1992. And some of those youngsters make aviation a career.

Air Boss Jack Neima, EAA 413636, prepares for a busy day.

Four pilots, four aircraft, and a team of great volunteers got 28 youngsters into aircraft for amazing flights over the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia on June 11. Yes, the world looks a little smaller from 1,000 feet up.

Jack Neima gives briefing to the pilots and ground crew.

Paul Easson’s Piper Tri-Pacer (C-FKZD), Captain Mike Leduchowski’s (EAA 1462920) Cessna Cardinal (C-GOPC), Robert Rowe’s (EAA 444341) Cessna Skyhawk (C-GTRA), and Clark Brander’s (769734) Piper Cherokee (C-FBKG) were all flown by pilots volunteering their time and talent. One of the volunteer pilots, Mike Leduchowski, is the pilot of a C-130 Hercules based at Greenwood.

The always pleasant signing of the official log book.

Tegan’s on his way to becoming a pilot. He chose his parents wisely.

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