The Ford Foundation Gallery explores Asian-Caribbean heritage | On view

The Ford Foundation Gallery explores Asian-Caribbean heritage

New York’s Ford Foundation Gallery is re-opening its doors for the first time in over two years with a ground-breaking exhibition that turns the spotlight on four female artists of Asian-Caribbean heritage. Curated by Trinidadian scholar and artist Andil Gosein, everything slackens in a wreck features Chinese-Jamaican Margaret Chen; Indo-Trinidadian Wendy Nanan; Indo-Guadeloupean Kelly Sinnapah Mary; and Andrea Chung (born in the United States to Jamaican and Trinidadian parents). All of them share a lineage of indentureship, and have each created “hybrid creatures that are part plant and part human” from paint, papier-mâché and foraged items like wood and shells. It’s a process that explores — and grieves — the destructive impacts of colonialism, while celebrating the ways in which migrants harness the creativity of the natural world to reimagine, reinvent, rebuild, survive…and thrive. 

Everything slackens in a wreck runs through 20 August.