A Brazilian’s Oshkosh Journey

Every year, aviation enthusiasts from all 50 states come to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Not only that, we get visitors from almost 100 countries. This year, Efraim Souza of Brazil has made the long trek over for his first Oshkosh.

“I started in Brazil to land in Panama,” Efraim said. “Then Panama to Chicago. From Chicago I took a bus to Milwaukee and another bus to Oshkosh. I was very well received here, very happy.”

Upon arrival, Efraim picked up a tent and signed up to volunteer right away. Living and volunteering in the South 40, Efraim has loved seeing all the different airplanes.

“The planes that I knew about before from magazines, I can see now,” Efraim said. “It’s very, very amazing.”

Aviation magazines are also how Efraim found out about Oshkosh. Having worked at the Brasília International Airport for 16 years, he’s had access to a wide variety of aviation content. Efraim also grew up with family support, as his uncle was a pilot.

“In Brazil, I am a pilot,” Efraim said. “My uncle was a pilot. I didn’t know my uncle. He died in an accident. My dream from when I was young, I wanted to become a pilot. I have a good passion for aviation. I dreamed to go here for a long time.”

Knowing that flight training was expensive, Efraim started saving money when he was 12 years old. He officially became a pilot five years ago and currently flies in a flying club. One day, Efraim hopes to return to Oshkosh in his own airplane.

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