EAA Chapter 939 Holds Its First Young Eagles Workshop

By Ginny Largent, EAA 575325

EAA Chapter 939 has tried a couple of times to host a Young Eagles Workshop, but because of COVID and scheduling issues, we have had to push it back. Finally, on October 8, we were able to host nine youngsters at our Young Eagles Workshop at the Cape Fear Regional Jetport in Southport, North Carolina. The youngsters spent the day learning about aviation, building a wing rib, riveting a cell phone stand, putting together a model airplane that they flew in a couple of competitions, and getting a Young Eagles flight.

Fifteen chapter members came out to help with the day’s activities and to have fun with these enthusiastic young people. Yes, the children went home having learned skills by building their products from the different projects and having had the thrill of flying in an aircraft, but the chapter volunteers also had big smiles at the end of the day knowing that they were a part of perhaps capturing the interest in aviation that these youngsters professed. What a fun experience, which we hope to do again next year!

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