Ten Racine Area Pilots Earn FAA Honor

By Scott Sherer, EAA Chapter 838 President

Ten members of EAA Chapter 838 were awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in 2021. This is awarded by the FAA to pilots who have safely flown for 50 years and have met other qualifications. This is the most prestigious honor that the FAA bestows upon a pilot, and celebrates their professionalism and expertise in flying. Less than 7,000 people have been awarded this honor to date and only 130 in Wisconsin, ten of which are at Chapter 838. FAA representative Jurg Grossenbacher, EAA 1048667, who presented all of these awards noted that it is rare to present two at once and four at a time is unheard of. He also stated that ten from one location is something he had never seen before.

Pictured in the photograph listed left to right are:

Jurg Grossenbach, FAA Milwaukee FSDO.

The award winners:

Steve Myers, EAA 362430; Scott Sherer, EAA 253775; Larry Stys, EAA 342035; Dave Finstad, EAA 376226; Steve Rehwinkel, EAA 457785; Jon Brocksopp, EAA 448373; Doug Doers, EAA 62304; George Snamiske, EAA 118360; Fred Fleischmann, Dave Mann.

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