Dani Johnson's FSTS

On Dani Johnson’s Radio Show

August 30, 2017 ks 0

I attended Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success (FSTS) in Orlando, Florida in May 2015. This was an exciting seminar and an educational touchpoint in life and business coaching. As an attendee and a participant […]


My favorite Comics

December 9, 2016 ks 0

My favorite Comic Character has been (Want to call him No 1. favorite but let me be collaborative to include the others too in case they get annoyed!) the Poor Little Rich Boy – Richie […]

Louise L Hay (Hay House) Poster

Louise L Hay

November 18, 2016 ks 0

Louise L Hay is my favorite life coaches, inspirational speaker, author and a renowed star, affectionately known as the “Queen of Affirmations“!