My favorite cartoons and their creators!

Kulbir Singh
Kulbir Singh


My favorite cartoons and their creators!

I’d like to deeply thank and appreciate what the Americans did in the field of comics. It is a wonderfully amazing job done! While I am referring to the cartoons I grew up with in the 1970s and the 1980’s, yet the hearty cartoons produced at any time are great amazing buddies.

The comics produced were no less than complete amusement parks. The comic characters have made a difference in the world. They have brought smiles to children and adults, alike. They have been a source of joy and happiness.

I thank all the people behind these comics and comic characters. The story writers, illustrators, designers and the whole team deserve a sincere commendation, thanks and applaud!

We used to spend hours and hours reading comics and had a wonderful time. I grew up with my comic friends. We grew up in synchronicity with the themes of the comic world.

I grew up with Richie Rich. He was a source of joy, wonder and surprise. Mickey Mouse and his comic partners, Goofy and Donald duck have made many a lonely moment to a happy one. Even today, I find quite a bit of Mickey in me!

In the mundane world, that entails childhood in one’s life, comic guys are a great break from it all. They have come along with us a long way into our lives and continue to be our friends.

Dennis (the Menace!) was a source of awe in terms of his very presence and appearance. The world in which he lived especially at Mr. Wilson’s house was so inspiring and captivating. Yes, Mr. Wilson, though, was definitely wanting to keep his hose pipe in an attic where Dennis couldn’t spot it. The colors at ‘Dennis’ are very vivid in my mind to date. I feel delighted to draw out his face, even now, all unaided. I do that off and on.

The Archie guys are all memorable and adorable in their own ways. Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Big Moose, Ethel and our dear Jughead have brought to us lots of humor, wisdom, fun and knowledge. Jughead has a perennial message for all of us i.e “Be merry!” Yes, I meant “eat, drink and be merry!”.  Spending time at Pop Tate’s for pop, soda and burgers was a definite fun.

Little Lotta, Little Dot and Little Jinx (I am combining the littles from Archies and Harveys) have provided people with happy moments and a great time.

My sincerest wish is to have these awesome characters live a very long life. I pray they continue to amuse my great great and great grandchildren.

We were awe struck by the glittering world of Richie Rich. The diamonds, the emeralds and the use of moneybags as lieu of sand bags always fascinated me and filled my childhood with so much wonder and happiness. The rubies studded on cake trays brought in by butler Cadbury always fascinated me and brought a sparkle of dollar in my eyes. Many a times as I travelled into Richie Rich world, I despised Reggie for his anti-Richie Rich policies. Yet we love them all. Long live Reggie and long live the wondrous poor little rich boy, Richie Rich.

The amalgam of mischief, excitement, the hustle and bustle and the innocence of Donald Duck family concatenated with her pride was a source of amazement and wonder to our minds. The accelerated craze in her temperament was infectious. The Disney creators who gave Donald to the world, we salute! Long live the legacy. The animations, animating the already fully vivacious characters, were a break from it all! Amidst the mundane, the Disney characters are a treat. Mr. Goofy’s presence was an assuring one. To have him around was to have laughter around. The group, blessed by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy et al is a team spreading happiness, exuberance, health, fun and laughter to a world, looking for all this fun.

While, my intention of this article is to highlight the fun, laughter, humor, amazement and the excitement that the comic characters provided in my teenage decades of 1970s and 1980s, I also want to extend my thanks, appreciation and a sincere prayer for the creators of these awesome ones.

Hopefully, these amazing comic characters continue to amuse the coming generations!

By: Kulbir Singh