My favorite Comics

The Poor Little Rich Boy! Richie Rich!! Attribution for this featured image with a courtesy Thanks:

My favorite Comic Character has been (Want to call him No 1. favorite but let me be collaborative to include the others too in case they get annoyed!) the Poor Little Rich Boy – Richie Rich!! Just so wonderous! Wish him and others a long life! May they continue to amuse us all!

TinTin has been a fascination all the time. His adventures have been superb. He makes us lively, joyous and inquisitive. As I child and growing up reading Tintin and other awesome ones, I used to ask my mother and sister “How can Snowy speak?”! 🙂  Snowy had a full speaking call-out bubble and NOT the thinking one!! Love these guys.

Desstination Moon and Explorers on the Moon were my favorites:

Dennis has been a dear friend all the while. He is just so warm and cool! Dennis, keep your antics and fun going! Lots of wishes to you.