USA- Canada border at the Great Lakes
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Great Lakes

January 12, 2017 ks 0

The Longest Road trip I have done is from Yukon, Canada to Orlando, Florida, USA and back to Calgary, Alberta. This trip was done solo in 2 weeks on my Mercedes Benz E320.  A dream […]

Kulbi Singh at Vancouver,BC (YVR) airport


January 8, 2017 ks 0

  Have lived in Vancouver for 13 years. A place I have called “Home” for a long time! Love it absolutely.

Kulbir Singh at GNPS Chandigarh. I studied at Guru Nanak Public School, Chandigarh from Class (grade) 6 to Class 10.

Guru Nanak Public School

January 4, 2017 ks 0

I did my Class 6 to Class 10 at Guru Nanak Public School. This was a memorable and a wonderful period of my life! Childhood, teenage, academics and all the fun.

Kulbir at Guru Nanak Preparatory School, Chandigarh

Guru Nanak Preparatory School

January 4, 2017 ks 0

That’s me at my school of my primary years. Guru Nanak Preparatory School! Did you guess, where I am in the picture? Try looking me up here….. Answer on page 4 or Post in another […]