Chapter Pride Abounds – Take a Seat at the EAA Blue Barn

Having nearly 900 EAA chapters in the network, the wide range of diversity found in EAA chapters is about as broad as the number of chapters themselves, but when it comes to pride, they are all on the same page.

This year in the Blue Barn at AirVenture, home of EAA chapters and the Young Eagles program, a sense of chapter pride is in abundance. Our EAA chapters and squadrons are groups of talented people who know how to get things done. Visit the Blue Barn and see the many examples of chapter-decorated Adirondack chairs and signs hand-made by chapter members.

EAA Chapter 932 Custom Chair at AirVenture 2021 

The Blue Barn is about learning and sharing knowledge to and between chapters. EAA staffers and guests host chapter-related forums throughout the week, and have exhibits of EAA programs offered to chapters to engage in. Discussions emanate, and a place to sit and talk is made possible using the Adirondack chairs grouped around the building. The chairs are works of art, having unique designs depicting the specific chapter. Chapters have constructed the chairs using local lumber sourced from member property, and have hand-cut and painted chapter logos onto the chairs.

EAA 850 Custom Chair at AirVenture 2021

This year, directly outside the Blue Barn, passersby will see chapter directional arrows mounted to a signpost. The same sense of pride, talent, and ingenuity displayed by the chairs is echoed on the chapter signs. Visit the chapter signpost and see the various directional signs indicating the EAA chapter, direction, and distance from AirVenture to home.

EAA Chapter Signs outside the Blue Barn at AirVenture 2021

“The uniqueness of the signs chapter members are bringing to AirVenture is amazing. Here in the chapter’s office, we have been totally blown away with the quality of the signs. We never anticipated such a high level of creativity. The pride displayed in the Adirondack chairs and signs paints a very clear image why EAA chapters have played a big part in making EAA the wonderful organization it is today,” says John Egan, EAA chapters senior manager.

EAA Chapter 944 Custom Chair at AirVenture 2021

Whether or not you are an EAA chapter member, be sure to stop by the EAA Blue Barn located on Knapp Street adjacent to the EAA workshops and forums buildings to see these creative works of art.

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