From Young Eagles Enthusiast to a Young Eagles Program Coordinator

Congratulations Matt Steward, EAA 1027069, on becoming EAA Chapter 671’s Young Eagles Program Coordinator! You may recall reading about Matt back in April in an article titled “How EAA Launched Me into Aviation” where Matt took the time over quarantine to share his passion for the Young Eagles program and set some personal goals.

Just five short months ago, Matt shared with us that he purchased his first airplane (the same airplane he learned to fly in) and set a goal to fly as many Young Eagles as he could.

“My goal is to become active in EAA and give as many Young Eagle rides as I possibly can. You never know, that 30-minute airplane ride could change somebody’s life forever. I know it sure did mine,” Matt said, referring to his first airplane ride as a Young Eagle.

Matt’s heartfelt efforts sure caught a lot of attention. On August 9, Matt became the EAA Young Eagles program coordinator for EAA Chapter 671 located in Haskell, Oklahoma.

“I accept this position greatly,” Matt said. “I got my start in aviation with Young Eagles when I was eight years old. Now, to be able to give back to the community through the program where I first got my feet off the ground, is an honor and a privilege.”

Congratulations on a well-earned achievement, Matt!

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