Brockport Flying Club Takes Off

By Randy Spurr, EAA 1022827

Brockport Flying Club is finally operational! It has been a long road, longer than expected, but we have our club up and flying at Genesee County Airport in Batavia, New York. We now have nine full-time members thanks to some hard work behind the scenes.

With a very favorable lease of a beautiful Cessna 172,
N8738U, provided by owners Mike and Julie Kuyt, the club can offer a great
price of $29.50 per dry hour rental, $34.50 monthly dues, and a $295 joining
fee. This is a very economical means of enjoying the thrill of flying!

Thanks to a generous grant from EAA, we were able to
obtain flying club insurance that does not require additional renters insurance
like many aircraft rental sources. This grant also provides two joining fee
scholarships for students under 21 who are interested in learning to fly. We
currently have three approved instructors to provide a variety of flight

One of our members is currently working on his private
pilot certificate. We have an internet-based scheduling and billing system
called Flight Circle that makes scheduling and billing a breeze. Our club meets
on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at KGVQ.

A big thank-you to EAA and AOPA for providing legal
review and guidance to help us set up the club. We have put together a team to
ensure safety and proper maintenance for the club and N8738U. Brockport Flying
Club is not affiliated with EAA Chapter 44, but we feel it is a great next step
for 44 members, Young Eagles, or Aviation Explorer Post 44 members to learn to fly.

If you’d like to learn
more about Brockport Flying Club, please come to our next meeting!   

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