EAA’s Attic — Gorgon Missile Models

This piece originally ran in the March 2020 issue of EAA Sport Aviation magazine.

Project Gorgon was a decade-long (1943-1953) development
program by the U.S. Navy to develop both air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles,
as well as effective control and guidance technologies. The project produced a
dizzying array of designs, combining early turbojets, pulsejets, and rockets
with unusual airframe shapes.

The two models in our museum collection represent a
Gorgon IIA, a design for a rocket-powered air-to-air missile, and a Gorgon IIIB,
a jet-powered air-to-air missile later built as the KDN-1 target drone. These
appear to be either wind tunnel articles or display models and date to 1945-46.
Both were donated by legendary Aerocar designer Molt Taylor, EAA 14794, who
worked on Project Gorgon during World War II.

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