Stories of Oshkosh — Jenny Orvis

To celebrate 50 consecutive years of fly-in conventions in
Oshkosh, we’re featuring Stories of Oshkosh told by attendees remembering their
special moments at EAA’s long-standing home. If you or someone you know would
like to share your own Story of Oshkosh, email

Jenny Orvis, EAA 790037, first started attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 1999. Her mom, Rhonda Tesch, EAA 420388, had been volunteering as the lead for Fighter Town during AirVenture brought her with as a test to see if she would like it.

I went so mom and I could have something to do together,” Jenny said. “Little
did I know how much of an impact this would have on me.”

said that during her first visit, the amount of airplanes and people present
was overwhelming, but she loved it. Jenny followed in her mom’s footsteps and
began volunteering on the Warbirds flightline.

just got my 20-year volunteer plaque this year and I couldn’t be happier,” she said.

most people who come to AirVenture, Jenny said it’s the people who fly the
airplanes that keep her coming back each year.

 “The people I’ve met; the stories I’ve heard; even
the flights I’ve had — they all mean so much to me,” she said. “Sitting and
listening to the vets is one of my favorite things to do.”

like Jenny help keep people safe during AirVenture. As the warbirds come off
the runway, she leads them to the correct parking area. As you can imagine,
this is a great help in keeping the thousands of attendees who fly in safe and

far as life outside of AirVenture goes, Jenny works in manufacturing at RR
Donnelley. She said she loves the work that she does through EAA as a volunteer
because it gives her the opportunity to “inspire others to join.”

you to our many loyal and dedicated volunteers who keep AirVenture alive and

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