Nolan Hart – Private Pilot Milestone

February 8, 2017 – Congratulations to 17-year-old Nolan Hart, EAA 1139352, who successfully completed his checkride and became a private pilot on January 14. “Lifting off the ground for the first time in a small airplane, I discovered a love and passion for flight,” Nolan said of how he felt after an introductory flight with family friend and former president of EAA Chapter 92, Robert Baker. The thrill Nolan experienced while flying influenced him to shift his focus from baseball to pursuing aviation. He enrolled with Dubois Aviation, and with 17 flight hours under his belt he soloed at the age of 16. He passed his private pilot checkride with just over 62 hours. Nolan was also lucky enough to fly with legendary pilot and former Young Eagles chairman Sean D. Tucker in his Extra 300, and attended EAA’s summer Air Academy with a Young Eagles scholarship from Chapter 92. Nolan plans to join the Air Force ROTC in college, with hopes of becoming a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Congratulations again, Nolan, on these many accomplishments, and good luck as you continue working toward your aviation goals!

Have you reached a milestone recently? Passed a checkride, given your first or hundredth Young Eagle flight, flown your homebuilt for the first time? Tell us about it at

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