EAA’s Attic — Taylor Duckling Model

Envisioned by Aerocar designer Molt Taylor, EAA 14794, while in the Navy during World War II, the Duckling was Molt’s idea for an inexpensive and practical personal amphibian in anticipation of a postwar boom in private aircraft ownership. The low-mounted “floatwing” was designed to eliminate external floats while also allowing the installation of retractable tricycle landing gear. Ultimately, no full-size Ducklings were ever built as he was unable to sell the design to a manufacturer. During development of the Duckling, Molt crossed paths with Robert Fulton and his Airphibian roadable airplane, which sparked Molt to pivot to his Aerocar designs. This model was built by Molt himself and its aerodynamic qualities tested by mounting it to his car — what Molt called the “poor man’s wind tunnel.” Molt donated the model to the EAA Aviation Museum in 1995.

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