Advanced Air Academy Was Incredible

By Katie Cook, Chapter 63, Lyncrest, Manitoba

Me in the middle with two new friends in front of the world’s busiest control tower

Camp was incredible!

I learned so much and had so much fun!

The first five days were spent in the classroom and workshop and then the last two days we spent the whole days at the air show.

For the classroom, each counsellor presented about a topic of their choice. There was a presentation on scholarship opportunities, career pathways, blimps, VFR flight charts/planning, meteorology, AMP/AMT/A&P’s, aerospace engineering, aircraft engines, and aerobatic flying.

All of the presentations we really good, but my personal favourites were the blimp, meteorology, and aerobatic flying presentations.

In the workshop we got to build projects using processes that are used to build actual airplanes.

  • Woodworkingwe got to build an aircraft wing rib.
  • Weldingwe welded a pencil holder with the goal of having it hold water without leaking. It took me about five fixes, but I did it.
  • Compositesgot to make a knee board out of fiberglass and epoxy. We also made a foam airfoil using a hot wire.
  • Sheet Metalwe made a spark plug holder.
  • Aviation Sciencewe didn’t build anything, but we learned how to do safety wiring, how to calculate the centre of gravity, and the importance of weight and balance.

We also got to build and launch air-compressed rockets, flew on the flight sims, go up for a flight in a helicopter, and so much more!

The days we spent at the air show were also amazing. There were so many booths to look at, each one filled with lots of information. The air show itself was also amazing. One of my favourites was the helicopter that did aerobatics. It did loops, flipped upside down, and did a couple of hammerheads. I have never seen a helicopter do aerobatics. There were so many cool aerobatic performances and so many cool airplanes. The second day of the air show we got to go to the performers tent and have a front row seat to the air show. It was amazing.

This camp was absolutely amazing and an experience I will never forget!

I saw and did so many incredible things!

Not only that, but I made friendships that will live on and memories I will cherish forever!

Thank you so much for sending me! I can’t thank Chapter 63 and EAA enough for giving me this incredible opportunity! It was an experience I will never forget!

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