Cigarette Butt Littering

No Smoking Poem Message
No Smoking Poem Message


I wish to share with you, have your support and have you join our initiative for making it unlawful to litter cigarette butts in public places. We believe that we live in times where cleanliness, beautification and awesomeness of cities and towns are our basic rights and are a needful part of our duties as
well. That way we all are able to cherish urban grandeur, regardless of one’s smoking inclinations.

In the absence of cigarette butt littering legislation or it’s implementation, we all continue to live in an un-sightly ambience. As an example, downtowns of our cities are worst affected and present a highly unsightly look on the roads. We will all be able to live a truly modern lifestyle when we entitle ourselves to a litter free earth, a litter free environment for us, our families and our future generations!

To achieve this philanthropic end, we all need to come together and play our part in this unified and collective endeavor. While some of this issue may be addressed by education yet there is governance needed as well to solve this issue. To start with, we all need to question ourselves in very basic terms! Do we need a litter free and sparkling environment or are we satisfied with cigarette littered grounds and surroundings?

To understand and delve into this issue, we would encourage everyone to search for the key phrase “cigarette butt litter” and many educative resources will come up. While teachers, educators and parents can use these resources to educate students these may also be considered useful material for policy making at the governance level.

Alternative means for disposal of cigarette remains needs to come up, developed and be adopted. There are confirmed health hazards regarding cigarette butt/ waste spread on roads, pavements, streets, walkways and in all public places. We can live in a truly healthy ambience once we have laws enforcing citizens not to throw cigarette butts on the ground/ roads/ public places et al.

Having shared our thoughts, we request the city councils, provincial and federal government departments to look into this matter, provide alternative means for cigarette butts’ disposal and make cigarette butt disposal on the roads/ public places etc illegal.

We, in Canada, should be entitled to enjoy, cherish and see our environment and ambience in it’s clean and beautiful pristine outlook.

By: Kulbir Singh Chawla